Fassmil Low Fat

Low Fat Milk Powder

Low Fat Milk Powder
FASSMIL Low Fat Milk Powder contains low fat but an optimal content of proteins, 25 minerals and vitamins and moreover is naturally rich in calcium.
FASSMIL Low Fat Milk Powder contributes to meet the daily requirement of each individual who wants to maintain a correct diet.


  • For adults and children who want a healthy diet
  • For intense sport practice
  • For pregnant and lactating women
  • For overweight person who wants to reduce calories
  • For geriatric or weak persons


  • For preservation of FASSMIL Low Fat Milk Powder transfer the content of packet in a clean, dry and airtight container immediately after opening. Always keep the container well closed and store in a cool and dry place (but not in a refrigerator).
  • Use the content within 4 weeks after opening. Please see the Batch no., Mfg. & Exp. Dates and maximum retail price at the bottom of the packet.
  • FASSMIL Low Fat Milk Powder is packed under the strictest conditions of hygiene which guarantees a 24 months shelf life without any change to its organoleptic and nutritional properties.



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