Revit-R is a balance diet that provides a nutritionally complete balance of protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Revit-R can be consumed as meal or nutritional supplement either by oral intake or tube feeding.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that REVIT-R maintains or restores positive nitrogen balance, body weight and satisfactory blood chemistry

The patient tolerance of REVIT-R has been shown to be outstanding.


  • Unconscious patient
  • CVA/CVD patients
  • Surgical patients
  • The patient needs liquid diet or tube feeding
  • Malnutrition or the patient who cannot take normal foods
  • Geriatric or weak person
  • Cancer patients
  • All other persons needing a supplementary nutritional intake.


  1. Take 9 scoops (inserted in the tin) with REVIT-R (about 55 g) and add warm water to make 250 ml liquid diet (1 ml contains 1 kcal). One heaped scoop = 6 g.
  2. 1 tin of REVIT-R (440 g) for preparing 2000 ml liquid diet provides 2000 kcal and adequate protein, fat, vitamins and minerals daily requirement for adult.


  • When used as a meal replacer, 1 tin (440 g) can just provide the daily requirement for an adult.
  • When used as nutritional supplement, the dosage can be determined by the patient's requirement according to the physician's or dietitian's instructions.

Not for parenteral use.



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