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RENOVIT is a low protein diet used as a meal replacer or nutritional supplement by oral intake or tube feeding. The enrichment in isoleucine, methionine and phenylalanine contributes to an excellent balance in essential amino acids.

RENOVIT contains dietary fibers and its fatty acids profile is very well balanced. On the other hand, it has a low content in sodium, potassium and phosphorus.


  1. Renal failure
  2. Uremia


Per serving , take 10 scoops (inserted) RENOVIT and add warm water to make 160 ml liquid diet (1 ml contains 1.5 kcal). For users who can tolerate more fluid per serving, take 10 scoops RENOVIT and add warm water to make 240 ml liquid diet (1ml contains 1 kcal)


  1. The dosage can be determined according to the doctor’s or dietician’s instruction.
  2. One serving of 50g provides 3.9g of proteins and 242 kcal energy.
  3. 8 servings of 50g each per day (=One tin of 400g) provide 31.2g of proteins and 1936 kcal energy.
  4. Extra energy (such as Dextrine maltose) and/or high protein concentrate can be added to the diet in order to meet the individual requirement of the patient in total energy and/or protein.



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